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Hey [04 Mar 2005|10:25am]

[ mood | sad ]

Long time mates, long time. Sorry I haven't written or done anything on here lately...you know how it is without the internet. But I AM working on getting it back so hopefully I'll be back to writing sometime in the future. Until then, I'll try to read some of the stories and such. I hope everyone is doing allright, I love you all! And welcome to all you new members, I hope you like it here. Keep up the rad writing mates.


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depression done right. [14 Feb 2005|03:09pm]

why is phil disgusted with most people you ask? because they are jerks.

i hate fucking scene. it's pointless glitter, it's the ultimate expression lack of self control.

i hate metal. it has good riffs sometimes, but it looks like shit when it tries to be agressive.

i hate most people's agenda. your all shallow pigs.

i hate shy girls who become nymphomaniacs for the adrenalin rush of being the focus of attention. no one will ever marry you because your not good.

i hate depressed adults, especially ones who sulk around the house and freak me out, playing solitare for hours.

i hate animal rights. stop being such a bleeding heart, eat some meat sissy.

i hate myself. i can never put on a straight face long enough to ridicule someone to tears.

i hate people who secretly hate balck people, but will pretend not to so people won't look down on them.

i hate mean males. they are all crazy with no social skills who are compensating for a lack of self worth. you only look like a dick in todays world.

i hate women who reject you even though you are just being polite to them, and you don't like them at all.

i hate elitist smart people who like shitty music and have bad sences of humor. your the most competative people on earth.

i hate serious people who scoff at a little horseplay.

i hate everyone on the sarasota community. that place is like the black market of idiocy. i want to post there so bad right now.

i hate phony people with nice clothes. theres nothing to you.

i hate anyone who dismisses someone as not good enough. everyone deserves a little recodnition. humanity has so much to offer, but you will never see it because you want to keep out worthless people from your life. in reality, you are the one who is worthless, those who shy and hide are made pure through pain. indignity and dismissal of thier basic self worth has forced them to become totally inefective. and thus by not having a place among a society of pricks, they become better then you will ever try to convince yourself you are.

i hate art. it has become so meaningless. especially scene.

i hate thomas eddison. he is a technocrat from hades.

i like you diana.

adam, you are the blessed keeper of my crown jewals. together we are one.

hmm, i hate not eating some buffulo wings.
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WARNING! : NC-17!!!!! [06 Jan 2005|04:37pm]

I posted this on fandomination a long time ago. I just thought you guys might want to read it...even though it is pretty bad...pretty graphic though...so be aware...just a warning (sex)

Clove Smoke CatharsisCollapse )
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[01 Dec 2004|02:15am]

[ mood | creative ]

I miss this community. -sigh-

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new fic!! [03 Sep 2004|07:25pm]

Much Ado About a Pillow Fight
PG-13 for now

The Insanity Begins...Collapse )
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Beware...Sappy love scene ahead [22 Aug 2004|03:12am]

[ mood | calm ]

And so it finally ends. I hope you all have enjoyed reading this as much as I've enjoyed writing it!

More Than Afraid, the Epilogue; AFI RPS fiction; Jade Puget/Davey Havok; NC-17Collapse )

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wooness... [15 Aug 2004|08:44pm]

[ mood | chipper ]

Title More Than Afraid
Chapters Fourteen & Fifteen
Author absobloodylutely all me
Pairing Davey Havok/Jade Puget
Rating NC-17
Contains denial, language, sex
Disclaimer Much as I’d love to, I don’t own AFI. This never happened, only in my own little mind.
Summary ‘With a sated sigh, I let my head drop back and my eyes close. “My Davey,” I mumbled sleepily.’
Author’s Notes hehe…gotta love those bathrooms

...just read it...Collapse )

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[14 Aug 2004|01:48am]

[ mood | content ]

Well, hidey ho there. o.o/)
Yes. I said hidey ho.
My name is Amber. I hate my name so call me malleable, or Mal for short.
I AM new to this community, but hopefully I can fit right in.
Afterall, this IS one of the only Javey communites i've seen that isn't dead. But quite alive and nicely made.
I thought i'd start by posting a fic i've made. Read and enjoy.

Title: Paper Rose Petals.
Chapter: 1
Authors: Me, of course.
Rating: PG-13, just for now.
Pairing: Mister Jade, and Mister Davey.
Genres: slashy.
Disclaimer: I dont own anyone in AFI or this story or blahblah.
Summary: "So close...so close to Jade, so close you could hear his heartbeat."

Chapter OneCollapse )

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sorry for the delay... [01 Aug 2004|06:52pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

don't hurt me, kay? n_n

More Than Afraid, Chapter 13; AFI RPS fiction; Jade Puget/Davey Havok; NC-17Collapse )

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and so it continues... [27 Jul 2004|12:59am]

[ mood | contemplative ]

Yes, the next chapter is here: In which Dominant!Davey makes his return and in which I leave you hanging at the end. But never fear, I'm planning on dragging it out until someone finally screams at me to just stop already. n_n

All the comments have been so wonderful and much appreciated!

More Than Afraid, Chapter 12; AFI RPS fiction; Jade Puget/Davey Havok; NC-17 overallCollapse )

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someone else post a fic, damn it! -mock glare- [23 Jul 2004|12:40am]

[ mood | cynical ]

Not so fond of how I rushed through this chapter. u.u Their moods skip around too much, and I'm all around unsatisfied with it. But I'm posting it anyway! Because I love making you people squirm...

More Than Afraid, Chapter 11; AFI RPS fiction; Jade Puget/Davey Havok; NC-17 overallCollapse )

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drum roll please... [22 Jul 2004|01:21am]

[ mood | predatory ]

Such potty-mouth language...-tsks-

More Than Afraid, Chapter 10; AFI RPS fiction; Jade Puget/Davey Havok; NC-17 overallCollapse )

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I'm a gothic girl with a white dog...need I say more? [21 Jul 2004|02:16am]

[ mood | calm ]

The comments have been spectacular, and I thank you all for each and every one of them. n_n I'm going to be horribly sad when this fic ends, but it will eventually, and I will just have to move on to another storyline. Coming up with another plot will, however, take me a horrendously long time, as I am a lazy arse. -cackles-

More Than Afraid, Chapter 9; AFI RPS fiction; Jade Puget/Davey Havok; NC-17 overallCollapse )

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the morbidity that is life... [20 Jul 2004|02:23am]

[ mood | gloomy ]

So I'm in a sort of somber mood tonight...Forgive the vague melancholy tone of this new part and all the rain.

More Than Afraid, Chapter 8; AFI RPS fiction; Jade Puget/Davey Havok; NC-17 overallCollapse )

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as if you don't hate me enough as it is... [19 Jul 2004|02:41am]

[ mood | crappy ]

And now for more things to bore you to the brink of insanity:

More Than Afraid, Chapter 7; AFI RPS fiction; Jade Puget/Davey Havok; light NC-17Collapse )

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FINALLY...GAH... [15 Jul 2004|06:19pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

FINALLY IT'S UP...FINALLY!!!! I'm so happy!! *Dances*

Same rating, more slash, you know the deal. ~_^ Enjoy!

Chapter 6 - King Jade And The Art Of SurpriseCollapse )

Peace and Nightmares,

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-yawns- [15 Jul 2004|02:43am]

[ mood | tired ]

Due to a forced visit to my grandmother's tomorrow, I regret I won't be able to update tomorrow night. I'm dearly sorry. And I've been so good about keeping this one dated...-sigh-

More Than Afraid, Chapter VI; AFI RPS fiction; Jade Puget/Davey Havok; light NC-17Collapse )

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[14 Jul 2004|09:19pm]

[ mood | busy ]

Name: very proud of ya
Author: me (tainteddestiny)
rating: pg-13 fer language.
pairing: javey. and some hundam
disclaimers: dont own. dont sue.
authors notes: okay this chapter is PAINFULLY short, and i didnt know how to end it.. so PLEASE dont kill me.. if i had more time today, i would have changed it.. but i didnt [takes deep breath] here we go again...

part 5Collapse )

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>.@ [14 Jul 2004|02:46am]

[ mood | annoyed ]

yeh, this chapter sucks. bloody live with it.

More Than Afraid, Part V; AFI RPS fiction; Jade Puget/Davey Havok; light NC-17Collapse )

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[13 Jul 2004|09:19pm]

[ mood | disappointed ]

Name: very proud of ya
Author: me (tainteddestiny)
rating: pg-ish.. maybe pg-13 fer language.
pairing: javey. durh.
disclaimers: dont own. dont sue.
authors notes: its pretty pathetic. one of your typical fan fictons.
comment please.. insults welcome oooh and words between ' and ' are thoughts and " and " are words.. rich text doesnt work on my computer or else id make it italic.

part 4Collapse )

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