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Well, hidey ho there. o.o/)
Yes. I said hidey ho.
My name is Amber. I hate my name so call me malleable, or Mal for short.
I AM new to this community, but hopefully I can fit right in.
Afterall, this IS one of the only Javey communites i've seen that isn't dead. But quite alive and nicely made.
I thought i'd start by posting a fic i've made. Read and enjoy.

Title: Paper Rose Petals.
Chapter: 1
Authors: Me, of course.
Rating: PG-13, just for now.
Pairing: Mister Jade, and Mister Davey.
Genres: slashy.
Disclaimer: I dont own anyone in AFI or this story or blahblah.
Summary: "So close to Jade, so close you could hear his heartbeat."

(Davey's POV)
It was late. 12:45 AM. Davey was still awake...and his mind was racing. They had a show coming up tomorrow in Tampa. Davey set down his pencil, and closed his private notebook, in which nobody could gaze upon. Inside held his thoughts, his poems, his songs, his deepest emotions. He told the others to leave it to him, and him alone. And they agreed. He rubbed his eyes, pushing some soft black hair behind his ear. It was oftly late, and he was tired. He couldn't help but let a small smile graze his lips, as he lifted his eyes to the mysterious boy huddled in the chair clothed in the shadows, reading a book of poems. He was beautiful in so many ways. Like..the way his sideburns curved past his ears..and the way he ran a finger over his bottom lip out of boredom..and the way he smiled, which was genuine. And nobody could forget how strong and lean Jade was, unlike Davey who seemed only small and frail. Davey sat, in the apartment they were renting. A small lamp was the only source of light for the whole room. Amazingly, Davey, Hunter, Adam, and Jade all shared a familiar love of the dark. And being able to read in it, wasn't anything new. Hunter had decided to go retrieve his bass which he left at the studio, and Adam decided to acompany him, leaving Davey and Jade to themselves. Davey yawned, placing the pencil to his lips. Once again he found himself lost in his day dreams. I die in my daydreams, Davey thought to himself, before scribbling it down onto his paper. He gazed out the open window, a soft breeze flowing in and softly ruffling his hair.
The moon was out, and it convienatly sat above their apartment window. He often wondered about the moon. Why it had such an affect on people. He loved everything about it; the mystery, the shadows, the clouds which lingered around its beauty. He smiled to himself, remembering; he met Jade under the full moon. He remembered the exact day, as well. August 19th.

They were in the 11th grade, and Davey was the new student. Like usual, the new student was rarely ever accepted. Especially one that outlined his eyes AND personality with soft black shades and eyeliner. As soon as he'd stepped on campus --- he'd automatically got classified as an outcast. The kids would snicker at him for not wearing the usual trends, and they often called him a "fag". much he hated that word. A few weeks later, on his usual walk home, he stopped two blocks from his house realizing he left his CDs infront of the school. With a groan he decided he wasn't going to let his best Copy of Screw42 go to waste, so he trudged back to the hell ridden school in which he attended. Soft rain drops began to dall, and the sun began to set. Berkley was beautiful, in the midst of the traffic and asses who lived there. No sooner had he gotten there was he bombarded by two of the JV football players, ripping him away from his daydreams. On the grass clutching his CDs, who decided to show up but none other than the Handsome Ninja in shining armer himself. The boys started threatening Jade too, and he said that if they didn't leave, he'd tell everyone about how they both got herpes from Rachel something or another. That night, they sat together under the big Oak in which Davey had spent most of his new school days reading under. Jade introduced himself, and Davey as well. With a smile, Jade decided to walk his new friend home, considerig he lived a block away. Davey owed Jade everything. And that night he let Jade keep his friendship, a burnt copy of Redemption 87, and his heart.

(Jade's POV)
'The Raven'...such a beautifully written poem, told by the poet Jade looked up to most; Edgar Allan Poe. But somehow...he couldn't keep his mind on reading the poems he'd told himself to read. He'd sat down at 9:30; Adam was watching Late night with Conan, and Hunter was eating some leftovers from the night before. And there was the dark angel himself. The pencil moving fastly across his notebook paper. With each pencil stroke, Jade could only imagine the beautiful words that lay upon the thin pages.

He let his head fall softly against the back of the black leather chair as he once more found himself gazing thoughtfully at the heavenly being at, a mere 13 feet away. He often wished painfully that he could get inside of Davey's head. To know what he thought. Davey was such a rare creature, a beautiful creature, the love of his life. For Jade, nothing had ever been hard to confess. But this was different, because it was his best friend. It was the person he'd known since the 11th grade. It wasn't just anyone, it was Davey. What are the odds that he'd find someone who held everything he ever needed in a person; sensitivity, trust, kindness, beauty, and nobility.
He'd finally found someone, he'd finally found 'the one' and only one he wanted to spend the rest of his life with. But what would Davey think if he told him this? Jade never failed to think about this each and every day.
It got oftly tiring. And stressful.
With a fake smile, he tore himself away from his reverie.
"Wow, it's late isn't it? Tired yet?", he asked meandering over to the fridge to pour himself a glass of Lemonade.
Davey stood, and stretched before removing his Joy Division shirt and tossing it onto the hardwood floor. He trudged into the bedroom he shared with Jade, and opened his closet sifting through different shirts.
"A little," he called out looking over his shoulder. "But i've got a lot on my mind. So i'll be up for a while." he said smiling, slipping a light grey t-shirt over his head---that read, "You kill an Animal --- You kill me."
He also grabbed two of his favorite hair chop sticks; one black, one red with a skull.
"I think i'll watch a movie" he continued, heading over toward the small box of movies he'd collected over the years. He walked back to Jade, placing his hair up neatly and grinning meekly.
"How abouuuuut..'Who Framed Roger Rabbit'.?" He asked biting his lip.
Davey grinned, slipping a soft hand onto Jade's shoulder. He added, "But if you're tired, I really don't want to keep you up."
Jade spoke, the heavenly object upon his shoulders, also known as Davey's right hand, making him jump. He ran a hand through his hair, smiling with a giddy laugh.
"No. Let's watch it. That's a kick ass movie. It never gets old."
Davey clapped gleefully. "Great. I'll pop it in!"

Davey smiled as he grabbed a pillow and collapsed on the couch. He was getting use to being so close to Jade and not being able to have him. Halfway through the movie, Davey felt himself fade in and out of consciousness...he was utterly exhausted by then, but he desperately wanted to spend time with Jade. Davey yawned, and fell against Jade's chest. Davey never knew how good it would feel to be so Jade, so close you could hear his heartbeat. Jade sighed softly, looking down at the heavenly angel resting upon his chest. It was almost routine, because each time they'd watch a movie together. Davey would always fall asleep against Jade's chest or shoulder. He often told Jade that that was how his mom put him to sleep when he couldn't sleep at night. She'd sing to him and he'd fall asleep in her arms. Now his mother was dead, and his father was in jail. Sometimes, Jade wondered if that was the reason Davey changed his last name. Because he had no parents. Only the havoc he felt.The sounds of the movie seemed to slowly fade. Davey's eyes opened and closed, and finally, he fell into the sweet oblivian of sleep.

And he was in another world. It was only himself and Jade. And they had the whole world to themselves. They held hands underneath the trees, and they held eachother in the grass. And Davey smiled, for once..feeling nothing but happiness.
"I Love You..."

Jade watched as Davey's eyelids would drop, occasionally during the quiet parts of the movie.
"What?", he asked confused.
The sleeping beauty in his arms just muttered a few more soft words and rolled over. Jade's eyes widened, and he tried without ease to softly slip out from underneath his sleeping prince. He quickly turned off the movie, and with one last gaze at the heap on the couch he headed toward the patio.

Pacing back and forth, he gazed at the stars. What had he just heard? It must've been his imagination. Davey was asleep. And he must've just muttered something remotely like.."I love shoes."
But why the hell would he say I Love Shoes?
But then again, he wouldn't have said I Love YOU, either.
He placed his glasses over his eyes, on and off, on and off nervously. What was going on? Why did Davey say that? DID he say that? What if he---
"Hey..", a soft voice came from behind Jade. Hunter looked up, crossing his arms over his chest. "Anything the matter? You look kind of...jumpy.."
Jade smiled half heartedly, sliding open the glass door and walking inside. He turned around and ruffled Hunter's blond mess reasurringly. "Nope, just tired. I'm going to call it a night. Thanks for asking, though."
Hunter nodded, handing Jade a light pink pen, before rubbing his hands together, "And you left this at the Studio. It's your good luck pen. I know you'd be lost without it." he chuckled, closing the door.
Jade nodded, slipping his pink pen into his pants. "Thanks, i've been looking for this, oh and..i'll go and get us some breakfast tomorrow."
Hunter smiled, heading to his room "Anytime dude. Oh,and Adam already went to bed. He just woke Davey up and walked him into the room. See you tomorrow, then."
And with that, Jade watched Hunter close the door.

He edged softly to his door, and stood. To his suprise, Davey opened his eyes sleepily, "Jade? What time is it?"
Jade looked up, small blond wisps falling into his eyes "You fell asleep. Um. I'll be in there in a second."
Davey nodded, running a soft hand through his hair as the chop sticks fell out and he held onto his pillow, rolling over. Jade nodded and closed the door, grabbing a small blanket and heading over to the couch.
He snuggled up to the blanket, gazing at the dark TV screen.
Jade closed his eyes, his thoughts not failing to race through his mind a mile a minute.
Apparantly, Davey didn't know what he'd said, he must've been dreaming.
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